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Poznan, Poland. Hsuan H. Rokaia MAB. Stav Monskey. Josefin T. Haley D. Continue with Facebook Sign up with email. Look by Maddie McFarland. HYPE Javi L. Kazuya M. Recent looks by Ariadna M. See 1, more looks. Dots by Ariadna M. Red lace by Ariadna M.

Street by Ariadna M. Red by Ariadna M. Denim by Ariadna M. Valentino by Ariadna M. Rhodes by Ariadna M. Black and white by Ariadna M. Ariadna Majewska by Sqwal.

ari maj store

Stav Monskey stylist from tel-aviv, Israel Fanned Fan. Related looks See related looks. Casual Thursday. Ruxandra Ioana. Knightsbridge Pearl Chain Velvet Handbag. Tamara Bellis. Till I colapse. A better person every day.Dear Ari! As always, it's a great feeling having the opportunity of see you again in a new post which include two great things, great news for your store and a lot of gorgeous pictures. I liked this outfit very much, it reflects your style perfectly.

A smart, elegant young Lady. Have a great sale! You are innocently sexy in this outfits Ari : I like this look very much : More photos with glasses and ponytail hairstyle, please, my dear! And I hope you will have a lot of new orders! Just for say that you are a marvellous person and I hope you will sell a lot of things And your products are of wonderful quality!!! Oh my goodness Ari, you are so incredibly sexy and so incredibly feminine.

Your feminine beauty overwhelms me. You've got a marvelous talent for modeling beautiful clothes that fit you wonderfully. I adore the body inside the clothes too!

You could please and tease me for hours and hours. Thank you, precious girl. You are one of the loveliest girls I've ever had the pleasure to know and be friends with. You look beautiful in this styling, everything is perfectly matched. It means a lot to me to know what you think of it! Thank you to each of you for your opinion : I read all your comments.

Music Books Events Photography. Poland Europe Asia.

"The Art of Femininity" by Ariadna Majewska - order my first book!

Fitness Sporty Outfits Beauty. In my store, everyone can find something that they like: sensual photobooks, calendars, posters, exclusive hosiery and classic men's T-shirts. All products are high-quality and were made within the EU in Poland.

Will you join thousands of other satisfied customers? Buy my sensual calendar, book, poster or hosiery :. Become my patron Ariestreblack heelsblack skirtChristian LouboutinFashionglassesHMlong socksmini skirtpink topSinsay. Matt Ito 8 lut Marco 8 lut Anonimowy 8 lut Dmitriy 8 lutMusic Books Events Photography. Poland Europe Asia. Fitness Sporty Outfits Beauty. If you have any questions, want to share your opinion or you think that we should cooperate in some way, feel free to write:.

If I don't write back within a few days, please write again. My name is Ariadna, I am a photographer, a photomodel and blogger. On my channels I share high quality photos showing fashion, travel, beauty, cultural and culinary inspirations. My recipients are loyal and committed people, as evidenced by the large number of visits, likes and comments for each publication.

The majority are aged - educated and knowledgeable people from large cities who appreciate elegance. My blog and instagram are ideal places to promote exclusive products, targeted at people with sophisticated tastes, who value good quality and valuable content.

My publications are characterized by professionalism, reliability and elegant form. About Me Ambassador of natural femininity. Photographer creating my own photoshoots. Buy my extra sensual products Join to my patrons Donate me :.

Secret garden // by Ari_Maj (Ariadna Majewska)

Popular posts. Ariestre - exclusive collection of sensual hosiery. Granatowa rozkloszowana sukienka, czarne wzorzyste rajstopy i lakierowane szpilki.

ari maj store

Follow me :. All rights reserved. Worth to readThank you Ariadna for sharing the results of your survey and for sharing your thoughts.

I do plan on donating soon.

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The best of luck to you and continued success in your life's venturemay it be a pleasant and safe journey. Donation is a really good idea.

I have just send you a small donation as a token of my gratitude and appreciation for everything you do to us!!! I am pretty sure many people will help you to develop your absolutely beautiful blog : Thank you for you great work!!!

Pozdrawiam serdecznie! My heart is full of joy, you've also mentioned me I am thrilled that my survey and my words have left an impression in your thoughts. Go ahead beautiful Ari :. Kocham Twoje produkcje. Hi Ari, I'm happy to encourage and support your work. How do those who donate get extra access? Via emails? Fantastic photos for this post as well Ari. Dobry kierunek. Great job with the survey, Ariadna, and such a healthy number of responses shows that you are really making terrific progress in your chosen career.

And much kudos to you that you are grounded enough to seek out people's views and suggestions as you look to move further forward in your chosen career. That really speaks volumes about you, Ariadna, and you truly deserve to succeed.

My support is a given :o As for your accompanying pictures, it's just simply a stunning look. You are such a beautiful woman and you look so comfortable no matter what look you go for. I continue to be dazzled by and in awe of you, Ariadna! What a great Blog is this! Barkbox Coupon. It means a lot to me to know what you think of it! Thank you to each of you for your opinion : I read all your comments.

Music Books Events Photography. Poland Europe Asia. Fitness Sporty Outfits Beauty. The findings from the survey, which was filled in by more than 1, of you, will help me create and shape better content for my blog and motivate me to implement some of the ideas that have been buzzing around my head for many months. Who are you? The largest group filling in the survey were aged And I'm particularly glad that so many of you wrote a little bit about yourselves. It certainly made for interesting reading!

The questionnaire was filled in by people from nearly countries! It's amazing that I am reaching people from so many corners of the world. What should I share with you? Videos are a popular idea, but creating the highest quality content requires me to invest in the right equipment such as a stabiliser and mastering the secrets of assembly all the videos are edited by me etcetera. But I promise that I will try to surprise you with something cool from time to time.Sign in or sign up in seconds by using the form.

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ari maj store

E-Mail Send me my password. We have just sent your password! A new post is waiting for you on my blog ari-maj. So I took full advantage of the sunny weather to take a few pictures in a nearby square. COM yesterday. How are you spending Easter? We can eat a tasty cupcake and I will try to improve your mood Your sweet bunny is finally ready to visit you to wish you a happy Easter! Competition time! COM which contains many sensual and previously unpublished pictures.

Good luck! The question was a difficult one but many of you guessed correctly! The answer was Lolita! I would give much to be there again right now : Beautiful Crete on the first day of September.

Ari-Maj Store - buy my exclusive products :) Shipping worldwide!

My most recent holiday - it was wonderful I took this picture a year ago. And I still have many, many more old pictures in reserve - some from a really long time ago! It's an unusual weekend, isn't it? However, I stay home all the time, like most people here.

ari maj store

In Poland, we can only leave home for essential journeys, for example to buy necessities such as food or medicine, visit a doctor, or go to work. And people must stay at least two metres from other people. Schools are closed and learning is done online.From uploading new inventory and images to managing pricing and third-party sales channels, ARI Mobile puts complete control of your showroom in the palm of your hand. Create new major unit inventory from scratch in seconds!

Eliminate time-consuming file transfers. No files to transfer, no tedious desk work searching for photos to upload. Take complete control over the visibility of your major unit inventory. Assign units to your website, showrooms and third-party sales channels. Manage pricing on-the-go! Update prices and sale prices from your phone, wherever and whenever. Changes you make will automatically publish to your website.

Complete inventory control. Use ARI Mobile to fill in missing details like photos, colors, stock numbers and more to drive more leads through your online inventory. Use pre-defined workflows and smart filters to quickly find and enhance incomplete inventory listings. Review your added images in more detail, zoom in and out, and swipe to scroll through other images in enlarged view. Needs the adding of units to be a drop down box for year and brand as it is slow to add units and the picture upload from previously taken photos is clunky at best.

The point of a mobile app is to make things easier and faster. It's a cool idea, could use a little updates to make it run smoother, but overall a good tool.

Requires iOS 7. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Oct 9, Version 2. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility Requires iOS 7. Languages English.Teasing me with juicy, mouth-watering cherries? Congratulations on your hard work and devotion to your passions. I'm eager to see your photobook. Thank you, Ariadna, you are enchanting. This is a great art work — with lots of high quality art works put together with story behind each set; one may have seen some of the photos on social media, such as Instagram, before but when these are put together with non-published photos in a structured way they deliver far more interesting and different messages.

It must also be mentioned that you put highly sophisticated well considered texts together with these photos. The book gives very interesting insights to the fabulous artistic world of Ariadna. The book also tells your journey in your life in photography and fashion.

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In fact it would be far more fascinating to read some of your early days Blog articles here together with the book or some of the articles published in various social media in the last ten years or so.

Well, Ariadna, what can I say? You've really excelled yourself this time and I'm not sure how you do it. I don't think the word 'impossible' can even be found in your dictionary, such is your determination, resolve and sheer willingness to give your all to any project that you turn your hand to. As if creating, populating, updating and upgrading your fabulous blog was not enough, you produced a fabulous calendar. Now you've taken it a step further and single-handedly produced a book.

In fact, you've actually produced two books - ond digital version, one print copy. And I've got to tell you, it's tremendous, Ariadna. It's professional, it's polished, it's charming and it's really stylish.

The content is spot on and its aesthetic appeal can't be faulted. You see it, you want it. Best of all it's crammed full of your time, your love, your passion and your devotion. And this book should fly off the shelves. Now, I know initially you simply wanted to produce an ebook, but creating a print version is a masterstroke, but not necessarily for the reason of giving people who may otherwise find themselves in a slightly compromising position a way to still get their hands on your work away from prying eyes via a digital version.

I think the real reason the print version is a stroke of genius is that it gives you something tangible and real to hold forever. You can pick up the book today, tomorrow, next week, next year, in 10 years time and say 'I did that! And you know what, Ariadna? You did do that, and you did it exceptionally well :o. A very sexy and well thought out book. You are a very pretty young lady with a very intelligent and insightful mind.

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